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bulldog Asian & Pacific Islander Employees Affinity Group

 The APIE (Asian & Pacific Islander Employees) Affinity Group connects Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander educators at Bellevue College who celebrate the diverse cultures within our communities.  

This is an open space for educators on campus to discuss issues relevant to our community’s personal, professional well-being and identity. We work to promote perseverance and affirmation of identity through collaboration, support, community and mentoring through professional development, networking and social activities to ensure perseverance and affirmation of identity. 

Our group is one of several affinity groups here on campus, and we stand in solidarity with them as we continue our fight for a safe and equitable work environment.  

Everyone is encouraged and invited to come to our free events.  The group and website is managed by employees of the college.   For more information please email  pavy.thao@bellevuecollege.edu, nora.lance@bellevuecollege.edu or Donna (d.miguel@bellevuecollege.edu).