End of Year Celebration 2017- Raffle Baskets

Raffle Basket Tea Time

“Tea Time” Basket – June 2016

The Staff is now collecting $$ or item donations for this year’s “Year End Celebration” Wednesday, June 7, 2017.  At the celebration, baskets are raffled away that are donated by each division.

WE WILL ALSO be raffling away baskets  (in house) for Suzy Lepeintre’s charity Charity logoCamp Kesem.  The camp was originally started by a college student who lost a parent to cancer.

We will be filling baskets for four themes, which are:

1. Seattle Seahawk’s Game Day  – pennants, anything with the number 12 on it. items with the Seattle Seahawk colors.  Coffee mugs, socks, stickers, candy,  scarfs, Team player bobble heads.

2. Seattle Mariners Game Day – pennants, baseballs, anything with the Mariner Logo.  Stickers. coffee cups, travel cups, card games.

3. Popcorn Time – regular pop corn, caramel corn, kettle corn, or other popcorn flavors popcorn serving dishes, popcorn salt, anything that screams popcorn. popped, unpopped.

4. Chocolate Lovers  – anything chocolate:  chocolate candy bars, cookies, mints, tootsie rolls, hot fudge sauce, candy samplers, chocolate coffee, chocolate creamer, chocolate taffy, or anything with chocolate.

The money that is generated from the raffle tickets go into an “emergency fund” designated for a one time use for faculty, staff and students.  The money that is generated from the raffle tickets for the Camp Kesem baskets will be donated directly to Camp Kesem.

Gift basketWe will repeat what we did last year and that is to have a special raffle for all the people that donate items or $$ for the raffle baskets.  Last year there were several winners in our division that received special gifts.

Please give all  donation items to: Janis Juarez,  
Michelle Chavez, Jin Wang, or Jon Kissoondyal no later than May 22, 2017 .  Make sure you tag your name on the items if we happen to be away from our desks, that way your name can added  to our special “in house”  raffle list.  The “in house” raffle will take place on Monday, June 5.