How-to Canvas at BC ContEd

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Instructors at Bellevue College Continuing Education (ContEd) use the Canvas  learning management system (LMS) in three main ways:

  1. only to host downloadable course content, including the syllabus, presentation files, and assignments;
  2. to supplement classroom activities with additional readings, online discussions, quizzes, assignments, and resources; or
  3. to provide the course completely online.

This topic area will include information and resources that support both first-time and experienced instructors to use Canvas more effectively.

Student access to classroom computers and Canvas

In order to log in to classroom computers and their Canvas accounts,  students must have their NetID and password. The NetID  is their username. This username, or NetID, is also the basis for their Bellevue College email address. You can find more information in this article, Managing your NetID and Password.

Students can’t log in to classroom computers

The main reasons that students can’t log in to classroom computers are:

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About the Final Course Evaluation Announcement

Audience for this article: Instructors who include Canvas in their courses, even if only to make the syllabus available to students.

The Final Course Evaluation

On or about the last day of class, students are provided with a course evaluation survey. Some classes use a printed survey sheet. In classrooms that have computers, students can launch the survey using a shortcut on the computer’s desktop. Classes that include Canvas, can also provide the course evaluation as an Announcement in email so that students can complete the surveys in class or at home.

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How to update the “Delay posting” date in an Announcement

Did you know that you can schedule Announcements to be sent at a specific date and time? Announcements are a great way to connect with students, let them know about important events, remind them of deadlines, or send course updates. The ability to schedule Announcements lets you plan ahead, set it, and forget it.

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