Online/Hybrid Course Design Checklist

online and hybrid course designOnline/Hybrid Course Design Checklist

Online/Hybrid Course Design Checklist was developed by the eLearning Council for instructors and course designers who are teaching or building hybrid and online courses. The Checklist is based on the Quality Matters guidelines and emphasizes an alignment between measurable course objectives and course assignments. The Checklist also highlights the importance of following Accessibility standards when developing online and hybrid classes.

In spring 2016, several eLearning Council members and a couple of their students conducted a presentation of the checklist features – including a side-by-side comparison with other checklists that had been developed within certain divisions. The Deans were very impressed and recommended that a small work group develop strategies to promote Online/Hybrid Course Design Checklist and encourage its adoption by faculty who teach online and hybrid courses at Bellevue College.

Since that time, two presentations have been conducted for faculty and deans to showcase the courses that were developed following the Checklist guidelines. The group continues to evangelizing the Checklist by working with faculty from different divisions and they hope to do short presentations at the Division Retreats in fall.

Submitted by Joyce Carroll, Associate Dean, Instruction.



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