Office of Privacy and Data Protection

As Washington state lawmakers continue to emphasize state-wide information security and data privacy efforts within state government, an office called the Office of Privacy & Data Protection was created to provide information and advice related to privacy issues affecting the public.  The Governor also appointed Alex Alben as the state’s first Chief Privacy Officer.

Efforts by this new office and others, such as the state Office of Cybersecurity and the Office of the Chief Information Officer, illustrate how important it is for each of us as college officials to protect data entrusted to state agencies and institutions, such as Bellevue College.

It is also important to understand that these efforts related to privacy and security are not just part of the job of each state employee, they also reflect the protections each one of us also have a right to enjoy as private citizens.

Therefore, all well-informed college officials and residents of the state should benefit from reading the Privacy Guide published by the new state office and from periodically taking a look at the Tips and Tools page they have put online related to both public and private use of information technology.

If you have any questions or concerns about information security and the privacy of data on campus, please feel free to contact me (x4077) or the Technology Service Desk (x4351)

Safe Computing!


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