Old Standards

IT Security Standards

These are links to PDF versions of the existing information security standards, which are still in place at Bellevue College, even though they may be outdated.  These documents are undergoing extensive revision at this time, and as updated or new standards are approved, these old documents will be removed and the new versions posted to the primary Information Security Standards page.

Application Development (7-10-09)
byRequest Configuration (04-12-09)
Connecting Non-Bellevue College Equipment (7-10-09)
Data and Information Security (04-12-09)
Data and Program Backup (04-12-09)
Data Recovery (04-12-09)
Database Management (7-10-09)
DNS Configuration (04-12-09)
E-Commerce (04-12-09)
Electronic Mail Configuration (Technical) (03-29-10)
E-mail – Accounts (7-10-09)
E-Mail – Guidelines (7-10-09)
E-Mail – Mass Mailing (04-12-09)
Employee Security Training (04-12-09)
Encryption Tools and Protocols (04-12-09)
External Data Transfer (7-10-09)
Firewall Change Management (04-12-09)
Internet Software Security (04-12-09)
Intrusion Detection and Incident Response (04-12-09)
IT Support Personnel (04-12-09)
Login Banner (04-12-09)
Macintosh Base System Configuration (04-12-09)
Macintosh Server Configuration (04-12-09)
Media Disposal (04-12-09)
Network Data Storage (7-10-09)
Network Device Configuration and Management (04-12-09)
Network Printer Configuration (04-12-09)
Network Printer Configuration Exceptions (04-12-09)
Network Time Protocol Configuration (04-12-09)
Non-Employee Access to Bellevue College Systems and Data (7-10-09)
Password Management (04-12-09)
Password Management Exceptions (4-20-10)
Patch Management (04-12-09)
Phone System Configuration (04-12-09)
Physical Security (04-12-09)
 Portable Computer System Usage (04-12-09)
Portable Computer System Usage – Exceptions (04-12-09)
Portable Data Storage Devices (7-10-09)
Remote Access to Bellevue College Systems (04-12-09)
Remote Computer Servicing (06-01-09)
Risk Assessment (7-10-09)
Security Privileges (7-10-09)
Social Engineering (04-12-09)
Software Management (7-10-09)
Software Management Exceptions (04-12-09)
SSH Configuration (04-12-09)
Technology Partnerships (04-12-09)
Technology Purchasing and Logistics (04-12-09)
Use of Bellevue College Resources Off-Campus (7-10-09)
Use of Bellevue College Resources Off-Campus Exceptions (04-12-09)
User Management (7-10-09)
Video and Television Services (4-12-09)
Virus Protection (04-12-09)
Web Servers (7-10-09)
Web Space Usage (04-12-09)
Windows Base System Configuration (04-12-09)
Windows Server Configuration (04-12-09)
Wireless Network Configuration and Management (7-10-09)
Support Standard (Not Information Security)
Web Information Accessibility (7-10-09)

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