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SANS Ouch! Archives

The SANS Institute is a highly respected IT security research and education organization used by information security professionals worldwide.

Among the classes and resources provided by SANS is a monthly information security bulletin intended for general computer user audiences.  With tongue-in-cheek it is entitled OUCH!, as it focuses each month on different security topics that are of current interest or that have caused some sort of pain for corporations or educational institutions, and for technology users in general.

The OUCH! archives have copies of previously monthly releases posted in multiple languages.  The SANS institute has granted permission for colleges to publically distribute OUCH! as part of our security awareness program to faculty, staff, and students under the premise that all of us need to have a better understanding of information security issues that may affect our lives.

Because SANS is oriented toward a wide audience and skews toward information technology professionals, some of the information in any specific bulletin may not apply to higher education, to any individual’s personal interests or skills, or to the manner in which technology is used at Bellevue College.

But because they are short reads and often have some good information that can be gleaned which applies to either one’s work or home technology environment, it is good reading them each month (ignoring the parts that you don’t need!)

Below are a couple of quick links to PDF versions of bulletins from the past year which are of particular interest at the college.  If you wish to see more of this kind of information, please head to the OUCH! archives.   As always:  Safe Computing!

October 2017 – Password Managers

August 2017 – Backup and Recovery (note:  for personal data)

April 2017 – Passphrases

March 2017 – Mobile Apps

January 2017 – Social Engineering

October 2016 – Four Steps to Staying Secure

September 2016 – Email Do’s and Don’ts

August 2016 – Ransomware

June 2016 – Encryption

May 2016 – The Internet of Things

March 2016 – What is Malware?

December 2015 – Phishing

July 2015 – Social Media