New Virtual Reality Classes Offered at Bellevue College: Winter 2018

Virtual Reality Course Descriptions

Course 1:

CMST 196: Special Topics
Virtual Reality Design and Communications

Lecture/Theory session:  Tuesdays, 3pm to 5:10 pm,
D126P (BC Library)
Lab/Practical session:  Thursdays, 3pm to 5:10 pm, D126P
ITEM #: 0807
Offered through Communication Studies
5 credits

CMST 196 Syllabus:  Word

Bruce Wolcott
James Riggall


 In this course, learn all about virtual reality (VR) and the variety of virtual worlds you can experience using this technology.  We’ll cover the history of VR, the relationship between VR and other mixed reality technologies, design considerations, communications, hands-on projects as well as social and ethical implications of immersive technologies.  While this course is focused on VR and virtual worlds, it is primarily a communications as well as design theory course, so no prior technical experience is required.

Course 2:

CMST 296: Special Topics
Virtual Reality Lab Project

Lab/Practical session:  Thursdays, 1pm to 3pm, D126P
Offered through Communication Studies
ITEM #: 0862
2 credits

CMST 296 Syllabus:  Word

 Students work individually or in small teams to design and prototype a virtual reality experience or undertake a self-directed research project relating to virtual reality (VR). Projects will be based on provided criteria or an original concept. While some virtual reality systems are available on campus, use of home systems is encouraged.  For building technical virtual reality experiences, prior experience with programming, 3D modeling or related skills will be essential. For non-technical VR research projects, technical skills aren’t required. To participate, course candidates are required to meet with faculty prior to the class to discuss their interests and background as it applies to their projects. 
Before signing up for this course, contact the instructors
Bruce Wolcott –
James Riggall –

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