Core Themes and Commitments

Summarized from Year One Accreditation Report

1. Student Success

  • BC commits to being an open access institution
  • BC offers a diverse portfolio of programs and support
  • BE pledges to help students reach their educational goals

 2. Teaching and Learning Excellence

  • BC maintains high quality course, curriculum, and program design
  • BC is committed to providing effective teaching
  • BC’s learning support services are accessible
  • BC students are engaged in learning

3. College Life and Culture

  • BC supports a diverse and inclusive campus environment
  • BC maintains an open, safe and accessible learning and working environment
  • BC provides a sustainable, creative and innovative learning and working environment
  • BC is a supportive and enriching learning and working environment

4. Community Engagement and Enrichment

  • BC maintains a productive collaboration with community and business partners and primary transfer institutions
  • The BC Foundation generates support for the college through donor sponsorship
  • BC partners with local school districts to strengthen the educational pipeline
  • BC enhances the quality of life within the community at large

See more on the BC Website: Mission, Vision, Core Values and Core Themes

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