Transcript of Strategic Planning Video – Fall 2013

This three-minute video shows a hand drawing text and images on a large white canvas.  There is instrumental music playing over the visual images. Below is a description of the text written on the screen as well as some notes about the images that are used. (Link to Video:

Began transcript:

This year Bellevue College is “designing our future”…

[A Hand brings in a sketch of a pathway leading to some Bellevue College buildings.  The hand draws a cartoon character that says “But why?”]

Bullet 1: Creates vision for the next 5 years

Bullet 2: Defines who we are to the world

Bullet 3: Helps prioritize resource allocation

Bullet 4: Coordinates existing planning efforts…helping us move from here: [A picture of a bunch of arrows pointed in different directions]

To here: [A picture of a bunch of arrows all lined up in different directions]

Bullet #5: Allows us to “get stuff done”!

[Video scans to the image of the pathway]

Following the path paved by our ongoing planning efforts…

[Video scans to blank part of screen. As the next series of text is written an archway is gradually drawn, starting with the foundation and ending with the addition of the keystone at the top.  The name sof the different plans are written on the bricks that make up the archway.]

Like an archway, our strategic plans help to provide direction

Built on a foundation of…

Mission, goals & core values

Community & regional needs

Held up by supporting plans such as… Information Resources plan; Facilities plan; Finance plan; Emergency plan

Informed by our driving master plans…Equity plan; Student services plan; Academic plan

All held together by the keystone… the Strategic plan

[Video scans to a new part of the screen and the hand draws an arrow from left to right.  The following text is entered next to the arrow from left to right, illustrating a timeline.]

How do we get there?

Designing the plan (autumn)

Constructing the plan (winter)

Finalizing the plan (spring)

[Video scans to new area and the hand draws a sketch of a group of people.]

All we need is you!

Explore more at:

[Video ends by panning out to show all of the text and images on the screen. Music fades.]

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