New author to the blog.

Hello everyone. While we strive to write great content ourselves, there is always another person who has a view or say something that is worth reading about. So we have invited two new authors to the blog.

We love their content and hope you will too. Here is a short introduction to our two new authors.

  1. Travis Ingram
    Travis Ingram
    Travis is based out of the greater Seattle area. He’s young and ambitious towards success. He cares about everyone he works. He loves money, but he will not sacrifice his integrity or practices to make a quick buck. Travis owns a successful SEO firm called SEO Travis. He likes to work with companies who offer great products/services and take their business seriously.
    Links to find Travis:
    Website: SEO Travis
    Linkedin: Travis Ingram
    Facebook: Travis Ingram
    We are always looking for great content writers who can write valuable and actionable content. If you think you are one then let us know!