SLOA@BC is Student Learning Outcomes Assessment at Bellevue College.

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Useful tools for completing SLOA for BC Programs:
Assessment report tutorial (with new Excel templates!)
File uploading tutorial
SLOA Manual

How do we do it? 3 easy steps!

Disciplines and programs are responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive student learning outcomes assessment (SLOA) plan.  This cycle will be developed individually for each discipline or program based on their resources and needs.  A discipline/program will work with program chairs and deans to determine what is reasonable to accomplish within a given time frame.

The discipline/program will…

1.     Set up a schedule to assess all courses on a 3 year cycle. This schedule includes the timeline for accomplishing the assessment work, and may identify the responsibilities of specific faculty in the program/discipline, and the resources required to carry out the work (part-time faculty grants, etc.)

2.     Design an assessment or use/edit an existing assessment.  For each course, choose an important course/program outcome. Contact faculty who will participate with enough lead time. Use the assessment:  Collect and score student work.  Analyze and document assessment results.   Generate recommendations for the next iteration of assessing that course.  (Example: Revise the assessment process or tool if necessary or assess another outcome.)

3.     Document the assessment process.  Store raw student data and analyses. Upload the Program/Discipline SLOA REPORT (describing results and recommendations) on the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Page on the MyBC Sharepoint Site.

Please contact your FACT representative or FACT chair if you have questions.