Website Freeze between Wed, Dec 12 at 7:30 am and Wed, Dec 19 at 4:30pm

Over the last two years we have been working towards moving the main Bellevue College website from web servers located on our campus to ‘cloud’ based servers. This move will make our website much more resilient and secure, and prevent power outages and other on-campus events from disrupting our primary online presence. 

We have spent the last several months making final preparations for the move (those of you who assisted me in moving forms, thank you!), and we will be making the final transition during winter break.
In order to make this move, we will need to ‘freeze’ the content of the website for the duration of the move itself.

This means that you will not be able to make any content updates to any sites between Wed, Dec 12 at 7:30 am and Wed, Dec 19 at 4:30pm.

It is possible that we will be able to allow access again earlier, but please plan on the content freeze lasting the full duration. Most of you will not be able to log in at all during this period; if you are able to log in and make changes, those changes may be lost.

A few notes/disclaimers/FAQs:

  • If there is an emergency of some sort during the freeze, IT Services will be able to make small content updates if absolutely necessary. Please submit a Service Desk ticket at at the time if this becomes necessary.
  • This update will not change how the website looks, or impact the admin dashboard- our website will still be running on our WordPress Content Management System. The only impact should be that things will run smoother with fewer errors, and should be much faster for off-campus visitors.
  • This freeze only applies to sites at – if you have forms running on, personal sites at, or have students who have club sites at, these will not be impacted. In addition, non-WordPress systems at and other subdomains will also not be impacted. SharePoint/MyBC will also not be impacted. 
  • Important Note for Forms Users:  If you have forms that are NOT located on the new forms server, some entires may not be recorded within the Forms Entries section of your dashboard during the transition. Email notifications will still be sent, and things like mailchimp integrations will still work, but your ‘Entries’ section and any exports after may not include all entries. If this is a concern, please submit a Service Desk ticket listing your site and any impacted forms, and I will reach out to discuss how we can minimize this impact.
  • If you have additional questions or concerns that I have not addressed, please submit a ticket at, and I will do my best to ensure they are resolved!