Bellevue College moves to Swiftype Site Search

On August 24 we changed the service that provides site search on the Bellevue College website. The service that we have used for many years, Google Custom Search, was discontinued by Google earlier this year. Our new service is powered by Swiftype, a widely used site search provider. We are excited to launch this new system, and hope that it will allow us to provide more relevant and dynamic results to the students and employees we serve.

As Swiftype and Google are different systems, search results may be somewhat different after this change. We will be working with Swiftype throughout the launch period to ensure that search results meet the needs of our campus; it’s very important that students and employees can find what they are looking for!

If you notice issues with the system, please submit a Service Desk ticket. This will help us improve search results over time!

Thank you for your patience and assistance as we make this change!

Updates that made this possible

Moving to Swiftype required us to update several projects that power the BC website; namely Mayflower, Mayflower Homepage, and Globals.

Along with the search updates, we also made some small tweaks to how headings are formatted, how title tags are generated, the small ad section of the BC homepage, and laid the groundwork for some new widgets in WordPress 4.8

The source code for most BC projects is open-source, and available on GitHub.

WordPress 4.7, Mayflower and Globals updates

We have just released a series of updates to the main Bellevue College website.

Globals and Mayflower updates

We have released significant updates to our ‘Mayflower’ wordpress theme and ‘Globals’ content and style library. For advanced users, this means that all Bootstrap features are now supported, and that Bootstrap grid systems will have better spacing on mobile devices. Headings are also styled more consistently with Bootstrap layouts.

WordPress 4.7.x “Vaughan”

We have release WordPress 4.7 to production. This update has a bunch of small, behind the scenes fixes, but nothing major on the user side.

WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan”

Theme Update: New features and fixes!

We have just released version 2.8 of our Mayflower theme, and version 3.6 of our Globals style framework. We’ve been working on this for a while…

New Features

  • Featured slider re-order interface now displays slide title
  • Site managers can now choose to hide ‘date posted’ for posts
  • Site managers can now choose to display the post author on posts (next to the date!)
  • You will now get a warning if you attempt to insert an image without alternative text. You can also choose to mark an image as purely decorative, which will prevent it from being communicated to screen readers.
  • All content pages now publicly display the last updated date (added to comply with website standards)
  • Users can now enable ‘Asides’ (single page sidebar) for posts and pages. This is done through a plugin.

Visual Improvements

  • We have re-arranged and improved how options are laid out in the Customizer. Homepage options also now only display if you are looking at the site homepage.
  • Images and image galleries now function much smoother, and are presented consistently. Image galleries in particular now resize better for mobile devices.
  • Pagination is now more robust and visually cohesive

Bug Fixes and Behind the Scenes improvements

  • Featured Slider image no longer overlaps title in dashboard
  • Homepages now have (hidden) Heading 1 for accessibility
  • Added new functionality to support bringing the Continuing Education website in to the Bellevue College theme (improved search support, templates, and integration with CampusCE)