Hello world!

I’ll keep that title.

I made this blog to keep all my notes and research for my current role at Bellevue College in an easily assessable place. I’m the Online Advisor in Academic Advising, a part-time role where I answer emails for the department inbox, as well as take part in training and various other functions. My interests, however, lie in growing both the role¬†and the capacity for BC Advising to take part in the wide range of uses that technology and social media have to offer. I’ve been diving into a lot of research and making connections across the board, and I would like to publish those in one place, as I come across them.

My hopes lie in two areas:

  1. That technology advancements can be used to support fully online students, in the same ways and with all the same resources that on-campus students have access to.
  2. That social media can be used to spread awareness of advising to the whole student body, getting each student accurate information quickly and on a platform that students use already in their daily lives. I’m interested in the student’s desire for accurate and up-to-the-minute information, and how that could translate to an interactive and lively advising department. I’m also aware that our advisors are extremely busy, and so I want to use the technology and the social media advances as a way to reach more students as a group, in order to take some of the load off each advisor individually.

I’m new to advising, and I don’t know all the ins and outs of a campus as far as policies and politics. I also know that our budget is small, and our staff are stretched to their limits, but I am hopeful about collecting success stories,¬†details and information, and finding possibilities to making positive changes to our campus and to each student.

Thank you for reading!

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Arielle Holmes

Currently the Online Advisor in Academic Advising. I have been researching eLearning, Online Student Services, and how best to use the technology have to serve all students, and also other technologies that we could implement in the future. This blog will be my gathering place.

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