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Annual Unit Planning

During the winter and spring quarters in 2015, the Reinventing Governance Task Force (RGTF) prepared two reports to the president summarizing its work.

A Report to the President from the Reinventing Governance Task Force, April 7, 2015
A Follow-up Report to the President on Reinventing Goverance, June 9, 2015

President Rule has appointed a Governance Development Team, co-led by Jim Craswell, Director of Payroll, and Jason Fuller, Biology Faculty, in collaboration with the Office of Effectiveness and Strategic Planning to work throughout AY 2015-2016 on a new governance system. The target launch date is July 1, 2016.

Annual Unit Planning
Two task forces, convened in winter and spring of 2015, developed a format for unit planning. Annual Unit Planning will be rolled out in alignment with the new governance system. The work of the task forces is summarized in the following reports.

Annual Planning Task Force Recommendations to President’s Cabinet 11-18-14
Annual Planning Dev. Task Force Recommendations President’s Cabinet 3-3-15

The eLearning Council has prepared a draft 5-year eLeraning Plan and is inviting comments from the campus community.

5-Year eLearning Plan Draft 2-26-16



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