Harvard and M.I.T. Sued Over Closed Captions

Something to be aware of when developing your own video content: According to a February 12, 2015 article in the NY Times Harvard and M.I. T. were sued over lack of closed captions in the educational videos they used.  This is something for us to keep in mind as educators as we develop our own learning material. According to the article:

Advocates for the deaf on Thursday filed federal lawsuits against Harvardand M.I.T., saying both universities violated antidiscrimination laws by failing to provide closed captioning in their online lectures, courses, podcasts and other educational materials.

“Much of Harvard’s online content is either not captioned or is inaccurately or unintelligibly captioned, making it inaccessible for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing,

Link to the entire article at NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/13/education/harvard-and-mit-sued-over-failing-to-caption-online-courses.html?_r=1

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