Question of the Week: New Programs

What programs (courses, majors, certificates, etc.) do you think Bellevue College should consider adding over the next five years? [Use the speech bubble to the right or the reply link below to respond]

Please feel free to think of this question in terms of the college as a whole, as well as in relationship to your own discipline, expertise, or experience.

To see what we currently offer, visit the Bellevue College Programs of Study web site.

17 thoughts on “Question of the Week: New Programs

  1. I would like to see some component of the general education requirements include a formal introduction to theories of adult “second language” acquisition. In our increasingly diverse global community, everyone should be educated about current scientific, evidence-based research on the skills and challenges involved in learning a language as an adult. We should strive to have realistic expectations of ourselves and others as we encounter differing levels of language fluency in both academe and the wider world.

  2. General Sustainability Certificate. It is great to see so many business sustainability certificates. I would like to see a Sustainability Certificate available to any student, regardless of the professional or technical degree they are pursing.

  3. Sustainability: Can we continue to add more courses, majors, certificates, etc… with such a low percentage of FULL-TIME faculty on campus? Not sustainable with quality.

  4. I would like to see a BA in Digital Media Arts. Where students could go deeper into their discipline and have a more polished portfolio to start their career

  5. An actual degree program in Art, rather than just a concentration. Art is a critical component in our society and a basic building block for engineering all types of systems. It is also another way to build agnostic communication, as it is a medium that each person interprets in their own way. We do our community a disservice by viewing art solely as a decorative study. Studying art broadens the ability to see, to think, to problem-solve, to work through difficult situations and ideas, to persevere, to collaborate, to advertise one’s ideas, and to promote common good. The benefits of art almost can’t be explained in words.

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