Send us your feedback on the Strategic Plan Update

Last November, President Wakefield convened a Strategic Plan Update Steering Committee to build on the accomplishment of the original Strategic Plan Task Force and to keep our planning current and effective.

Strategic Plan Update for College Review 3-29-17

Each week we’ll be highlighting the priority initiatives related to one of the four core themes. Use the links below to comment on the plan.

Teaching and Learning Excellence Priority Initiatives Feedback
Student Success Priority Initiatives Feedback

College Life and Culture Priority Initiatives Feedback
Community Engagement and Enrichment Priority Initiatives Feedback

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3 thoughts on “Send us your feedback on the Strategic Plan Update

  1. Regarding faculty professional development, you must have the goal of increasing funding for PD. In World Languages, for example, we have a nationally recognized professional conference which happens only once a year and often only on the east coast of the U.S. This conference is expensive because of lodging and travel from Seattle. Please consider increasing funding for PD across campus.

  2. Regarding College Life and Culture, BC must consider hiring American Sign Language interpreters to serve our faculty, staff and students who are Deaf and hard of hearing.
    Our community of Deaf and hoh people is large. BC could be a leader in both educating and employing Deaf and hoh people especially if we begin with hiring staff ASL interpreters for our current Deaf and hoh employees.

  3. Regarding Community Engagement and Enrichment, BC must consider creating a BAS in American Sign Language Interpreting to fill a community need for more ASL interpreters. We are in the process of researching this, but an ITP would go a long way toward serving a large community and making a huge difference Statewide.

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