About Us

Faculty Assessment Coordinating Team (FACT)

FACT supports faculty and staff in building assessment knowledge and skills. FACT has examples of assessments, helpful tutorials and link and FACT members are great people to contact for discussions on outcomes assessment, teaching, and learning. Assessment is a wide-ranging and dynamic process. There are many resources on campus to assist faculty in outcomes assessment.

2014-2015 FACT Members

FACT Chair Carol Leffall
Associate Dean of Instruction Rebecca Cory
Program Manager, Office of Instruction Jorja Gunderson
Director of the Faculty Commons Sayumi Irey
A&H Facilitator Li Liu
Continuing Ed Facilitator Jennifer Dye
Counseling/LMC Facilitator Harlan Lee
HSEWI Facilitator Linda Schinman*
IBIT Facilitator Sylvia Unwin
OLS Facilitator Cheryl Porter
Science Facilitator Jennie Mayer*
Social Science Facilitator Sabrina Sanchez











*Position is up for election in 2015-2016