W. Russ Payne

I am chair of the Philosophy Department at Bellevue College where I’ve taught since 2000. My philosophical interests are diverse, including metaphysics, the philosophy of science, meta-ethics, environmental ethics, moral psychology, love and the nature of the emotions more generally.

This site includes a few papers in the category of research, a good deal of writing for students, including a complete Introduction to Philosophy text for my PHIL& 101 students and some short public philosophy pieces.

This site is relatively new and remains under construction. It will replace a vast and sprawling, but now retired Dreamweaver site that some visitors may recall. I intend to re-post a number of essays and papers that were housed on my old site in due time. If something you recall from the past dozen years or so appears to be missing, do send me an email describing the content or subject matter and I’ll try to find it and post it again here.

Thanks for visiting. I’m best reached at this email: