Absence Instructions

The division policy for absences is to:

  1. notify the division staff by calling 425-564-2341 between 7:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  2. notify your department chair.

Please note: if an unexpected emergency presents itself after office hours you may e-mail the office staff at: Art&HumStaff@bellevuecollege.edu   Please do not contact only one person, they may be out sick or on vacation.

If your class meets before the office staff arrives or after they leave for the day, please call Public Safety at: 425-564-2400 and they will post a notice on your classroom.

You will be given an absence form to fill out upon your return.  Please fill out all necessary information and submit to Susan Roselle’s mail box located in the A/H workroom.

Do not arrange for a substitute yourself; that is the responsibility of your program chair.

Additional information:  If you know ahead of time if you will be absent due to a workshop, personal holiday or scheduled medical leave.  Please ask for a Pre-approved absence (Lavender) form to fill out.  This form helps the staff answer questions to any of your students that may come to the front desk asking about assignments.  The form tells how long you will be out and what the assignments are.  This form needs to be signed by the department chair and by the division dean.  It will be kept up front for the front staff to refer to.

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