HCTM Incomplete Grade Contract

Download a copy of the HCTM Incomplete Grade Form here:
Incomplete Contract (pdf)

If you are with another Bellevue College program check with your Division and they can provide you with a similar contract appropriate for your class.

What is an Incomplete Grade?
A student who has performed at a passing level during the quarter but is unable to complete the course requirements may receive an Incomplete (“I”) grade when requested by the student and approved by the instructor (this request must occur during the term in which the “I” grade is being considered; once a course grade has been issued, an “I” grade option cannot be exercised).

An “I” grade is appropriate when the student:

  • has already completed a majority of work for the course (as determined by the instructor)
  • is unable to finish the remaining coursework by the end of the quarter due to extenuating
    circumstances, AND
  • is able to complete the coursework with no additional instruction or in-class attendance.
    The student and instructor must complete and sign an Incomplete Grade Contract which delineates remaining work to be completed.


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