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textbooksPlease note:  You may have already received e-mails sent to you from the bookstore regarding your fall 2017 texts.  The link that is in the e-mail from Cindi Sayer will take you to an on-line form for fall 2017 classes.  Please pay attention to the e-mails.  This is the most efficient way for the book store to expedite your textbook order in the beginning of the text ordering process.  If you haven’t  received an e-mail from the Bellevue College Bookstore, please use this Textbook Requisition Form and e-mail it to Cindi Sayer at:

**Please do not submit your WINTER textbook order until your classes have been confirmed by your Department Chair.**


Textbook Requistion Form

Requisition Form

Please don’t forget to type in your item # for each class on the form.  Most importantly is the ISBN# for each text.  Not the instructor’s edition, but the student edition.

Please Note:  The closer we get to the quarter, Cindi requires all book orders come to her directly via e-mail at:
This way all orders can be expedited in a more efficient way.

Textbook Requisition Form



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