Verifying Fall 2017 Teaching schedule on College Web site

ink stamp with stamped message - importantIt is very important that your teaching schedule has been correctly entered by the division.  The division needs you to verify your teaching schedule on the Fall 2017 online course schedule site. You can do this by clicking on the below link and locate your class(es) .


Click on this link:

Please let the A&H staff know if you find discrepancies so that we can get this corrected as quickly as possible.  You can submit an A&H Request Center ticket to report it, or send an email to the staff email address:  Art&

instructors  have the capability to drop students for not showing up the first two days of the quarter unless they have previously notified you of their absence before the quarter begins.
approve and decline keyboard keysAnother reminder,  students will not be using blue cards to get into a class late. They will be submitting an electronic form for you to approve or decline their late registration.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and giving attention to this important matter,

Michelle Chavez
Administrative Assistant
Arts & Humanities Division

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