About Me

Keith at DuskHello! My name is Keith Rowley. I am a self-professed “software geek.” That is, I love to learn my way around new software, both online web-based apps, and locally-installed, usually more-robust desktop applications.

I have been teaching Business Technology and Information Technology classes in the IBIT division of Bellevue College in Washington state since 2007. I also am an educational technologist with the college’s eLearning team, and in that capacity I do faculty technology support in both one-on-one and workshop situations.

Most of the classes I teach are in the IBEST program, which is nationally-renowned for its innovative approach to jump-starting developmental-education students into college-level and professional/vocational coursework. One of the unique characteristics of the IBEST model is that classes are team-taught. I love working with teaching partners, as it’s great being able to bounce ideas off of another person.

I have also taught in the Year Up program, in a partnership between Bellevue College and this great non-profit that gets 18-24 year old urban youth fast-tracked into internships and, hopefully, careers.

I served as IBIT adjunct representative on theĀ Faculty Council during the first three years of the college’s governance system.

Oh yeah, I also teach a few business technology classes at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, WA.

When not on campus (or otherwise piddling about on computers), I’m usually listening to or making my own music, or reading/watching science fiction. Or eating. Or sleeping.

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