Our partner has tallied the results of our requirements gathering session and is in the process of consolidating the data into a package for us to go through. They’ve also produced a rudimentary statement of work (deployment), which our development team will be vetting for accuracy.

The steering committee will be gathered together again soon to build an acceptance criteria based upon the findings.

Requirements gathering recap

About 20 different student-facing units were polled last week for input on the unique case management needs of their areas. In addition to the standard intake and processing of records, departments were asked about the workflows, software, and permissions utilized in their groups, and questioned about their bottlenecks and wishlists.

Our Dell Services representative also met with the CRM steering committee to give them a brief overview of the results we’d collected. The committee will be convening regularly in the coming months to go over the results of our findings, and provide direction on Dynamic’s deployment with respect to the vision of the college. Once these findings have been tabulated, they’ll be released to our stakeholders for further review.