Next steps

Our team is currently conducting research on the migration software used to clean and move data from the HP/ODS into Dynamics CRM, and the available alternatives out on the market. With the increasing footprint of Dynamics comes an increase in demand for native capabilities and features, and Microsoft is regularly expanding the list of options and API’s that facilitate this growth.

Our present CRM partner, Affirma, is slated to provide us with a statement of work at the end of this month, a document which is to include both an increase in the functionality of CRM and the pool of its users around campus. Over the past few months, significant effort was given to the replacement of the in-house tool ‘Tutor Tracker’. The main functionality of this platform is connecting available tutors with students in need of assistance, all the while being mindful of tutor aptitudes and their drop-in availability. While our team would like to get CRM in the hands of requesting users immediately, we’re well aware of the need for proper planning and sustainability, the latter of which being that we can’t support a system that we ourselves are unaccustomed to using.

All this said, our partner has also been tasked with creating a training regimen to accompany their upcoming release. This is to include face-to-face, onsite tutorials, as well as documentation to support the planned environment.