A total of 38 pilots users now have access to CRM, in addition to about 10 support staff.  The two biggest factors for a successful implementation at this time are the availability of ample support, and that people are actually using the tool.

It is important that sponsors, steering committee and stakeholders all share in the effort of asking that staff members to use CRM in their daily work, and that they actually report issues as they arise.  To facilitate this feedback process, we’ve added an input feature to CRM so that personnel can point out problems on the fly:

  1. Navigate to the help center and select “Feedbacks”
  2. Click on the new button to open a new form
  3. Once the form is displayed, fill out the title, type and description of the issue/request and then click on “save” button on top left of the screen
  4. You can also attach documents, screenshots to the same feedback. The system will only allow you to attach documents after the feedback has been created. In order to add a document, click on “enter a note” and select “Attach” button. Click on done after browsing to the document
  5. The security is setup so users will only be able to view/delete/modify their own feedback’s and administrators will be able to view all feedbacks in the system
  6. CRM team will be actively monitoring the feedback module for any submissions and will act in a timely manner to provide a fix or workaround to the affected user

At this time our support staff has little purview of the platform, so any inquiries, big or small, may be directed to me for further resolve.

Moving forward, we’ll be working on licensing procedures, establishing a list of roles, determining the next stage of units to release to, consider branding, and work on a standard for training.

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