Training and PD Opportunities for Remote Learning

(Email: August 31)
While we have learned a lot in the last 6 months, I know that all of us are still learning new strategies and practices for teaching remotely.  I encourage you to continue to take advantage of professional development opportunities in this area and to share your own successes and lessons learned with your colleagues. 

To help let you know and share what opportunities are happening out there, we’ve compiled the list of PD activities (internal and external). Please feel free to share other opportunities in the comment box (via the link) and we regularly update this page with new opportunities.

The link I provided is a new Academic Affairs Blog – called Instructional Meanderings.  I’ll plan to archive any informational emails (such as this one), as well as other news and resources from Academic Affairs, on that site.  Please bookmark it and come back often. 

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