Advice for Students – Submit a Short Video

(Email: Sept. 1)
Remote learning is a challenge for many of us, and our students are also struggling with learning socializing and succeeding in this new COVID world. 

What would you like your students to know, or what advice would you give to your students about learning remotely?  

Record a video clip (up to about 30 seconds) with your advice, and upload it to the this SharePoint site by Thursday, September 10.  We will edit as many of these as possible together and make a short video to share with our new and returning students via Canvas and the BC web site.    Tips for making your video clip can be found on the attachment on video recordings. 

I know this sort of thing is not for everyone, but I hope that some of you are inspired to participate in this video project! 


One thought on “Advice for Students – Submit a Short Video

  1. Rob, this is such a wonderful idea to support our students!
    Suggestion: I believe a very easy alternative for folks could be to make the video using Zoom, Teams, or even your phone. I believe all of these options gives a mp4 video file that can be used/edited by the College and requires very little knowledge if you already use these tools.

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