Interim IBIT Dean

(Email: December 17, 2020 and January 5, 2021)

Jody Laflen, the Dean of IBIT, has recently shared that she will be leaving BC to take on other pursuits as of December 18th.  I want to thank Jody for her seven years of service as the IBIT Dean, and for all of the many projects that she has led and contributed to over the years! 

Jody’s departure means that we will need to take the next steps to hire a new dean of IBIT. That process follows the academic dean selection procedures defined in the letter of agreement within the BCAHE collective bargaining agreement (attached) and will be led by HR over the coming months.  In the meantime, IBIT needs an interim dean to provide leadership and support. 

I am soliciting interest from faculty who would like to be considered for the interim IBIT dean position.  The appointment will start mid-January and run for 3 to 6 months. While I will review and update the final version of the job description and qualifications for the permanent hire, the most recent job “functions and duties” on file for the IBIT Dean are attached. 

If you are interested in this interim position, please send me a brief statement of interest and a current resume by noon on Monday, January 11, 2021.  I will schedule an interview with everyone who expresses interest with the intention of making a selection by mid-January. I will act as interim (or delegate specific duties) until such time the interim academic dean is filled.

Student Mental Health Faculty Resources

(Email: 18 November)

Based on recent faculty feedback, I asked our counseling faculty if they could put together some mental health resources for their colleagues to use when working with students during these difficult times.  The attached document – which includes mental health resources, advice for working with students, and sample messages to students – is the result of that work. 

Document: Responding to Student Mental Health

A huge thank you to all of our counselors – not just for creating this resource, but for all the work they are doing to help our students through these difficult times.  And a thank you to all of you on the front lines who are working to help our students everyday. I know that it is a struggle to just to help ourselves some days, let alone help our students navigate through the world today. I hope this resource helps you with that work.