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Finally! News on the New Version of Microsoft Office for Mac

Mac Office 2016 IconsI just heard the first official word about Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac:


Also interesting to note is that, while Mac Office 2016 is due in the summer, Windows Office 2016 is due later this year. So, essentially, Mac users got screwed again– two versions of Office for Windows in the timespan of only ONE version of Office for Mac.

While I love Microsoft software, and Office for Windows, particularly, I hate the way they continue to diss Mac users. I know it’s part of their business plan — “don’t make our Mac software very good: we want people to buy Windows computers so that we can make money on Windows, too” — but I don’t care about their business plan. I’m just a software junkie who loves Macs and wishes I could use the best hardware in the world (Macs) with the best software in the world (Microsoft Office).