President Rule Announces Strategic Priority Initiatives for AY 2016-17

President Rule sent the following letter to the college community, emphasizing key aspects of the Strategic Plan for AY 2016-16.

“This is an exciting time to be at Bellevue College as we embrace a myriad of opportunities to collectively develop and implement key initiatives that are aligned with our Strategic Plan. Our new governance structure reaffirms Bellevue College’s commitment to and investment in a collaborative process that is broad based. This update is provided to communicate recent outcomes from the summer retreats of the Board of Trustees and President’s Cabinet.

During the Board retreat the objectives from our strategic plan were discussed and objectives with higher priorities were identified and grouped.  Further refinement followed at the President’s Cabinet retreat.

Listed below are the key strategic priority initiatives that will be the foundation for our academy-wide planning and implementation throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. Each of your divisions will meet to determine their contributions and overall foci for moving the college toward achieving these initiatives.

These priority items, in particular 1.1 and 3.1, will also provide an opportunity for continued work that advances the 2015-16 priorities (5% increase in retention and completion) and to continue to use those as indicators/measures of progress.

§  SP 1.1. Create an organized and efficient environment where students are able to set and meet their goals.

§  SP 1.2. Forge leadership and participation in new initiatives, certificates, and degrees that meet the needs of the region such as expanded baccalaureate programs.

§  SP 3.1. Offer equitable opportunities: affordability; programs to support success and retention; initiatives such as closing the gap.

§  SP 3.2. Provide equitable services through the practice of universal design and accessibility.

§  SP 3.4. Integrate the principles of social justice into the everyday college operations.

§  SP 5.2. Create uniform and efficient processes based on guiding principles and best practices.

This is an investment in and commitment to student success, access, and affordability as we strengthen the operational infrastructure at Bellevue College. Your support of and participation in making this year’s work plans a reality will be the key to successfully serving our entire community at BC.

I look forward to the next steps as we serve with a spirit of social justice and ensure that the educational experience at Bellevue College is indeed exceptional.”