July 5, 2017

Labuan, MalaysiaTHIS WEEK

SYLLABI / OFFICE HOURSplease send syllabi to Janis Juarez via e-mail or though the Request Center.  Send ELI and all Basic and Transitional Studies syllabi to Seda Markarova.  Most preferred are the CANVAS syllabi links.  To mark your syllabus “public” in Canvas, please view this video.  This is an EXCELLENT video.


Calling all Faculty Who Teach Writing! You may be interested in the upcoming meeting of the Two-Year College (English) Association of the Pacific Northwest [TYCA-PNW] at the UW Tacoma. The deadline for proposals is August 1.  Read all about it at:  tyca-pnw.orgsubmitted by Maggie Harada

Do you have information to share that you think might benefit your division colleagues?  The weekly A&H Digest  features a new section “Faculty Resources, for disseminating informative articles, workshops, and other events of specific interest to faculty.  Please send all info to:  Janis Juarez

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