Steering committee meet #2

The CRM steering committee met last Thursday for its second session. In attendance were Faisal Jaswal, Nora Lance, Tracy Biga Maclean, Rebecca Cory and Steve Downing.

We covered the following agenda items, the details of which are available via the OneDrive link I’d sent out:

-Summary of work completed since the last meeting
-Review of Dynamics CRM features and functionality
-Identification of key milestones

I posed the following questions for the team:

1. Will the following units work as potential pilot programs for the tool?:
-Enrollment Services
-Multi-cultural Services
-Workforce Education

2. Matthew Birmingham, Manager of CRM Development at Grand Canyon University, is willing to provide us with a demo of Dynamics CRM. What are the best times to conduct this, with respect to peoples’ schedules?

The following questions, which I’ll escalate to our team, were posed by the committee:

1. Will students need to use their BC email accounts?
2. How long will the training sessions be?
3. What’s the ETA for the confidential, note-taking function?
4. What’s the potential for online training/videos for CRM AND Sharepoint?

Additional resources for perusal:

Examples of CRM in higher education:

UW uses Dynamics CRM:

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