Info About the Start of Fall Quarter

(Email: Sept 9)
A few notes about the start of Fall Quarter: 

  1. Calendar Reminders and Updates – Opening Day, Sept 17; Division Retreats, Sept 18; Classes Start, Sept 21; Sept 28 is a non-instructional day
  2. Canvas Week “0” – Canvas opens Sept 14 for published courses (classes still start Sept 21)
  3. Late Registration – Students can register for classes through the end of the third day (Sept 23). After that day, late registration requires faculty and/or dean approval.
  4. Early Alert – The Early Alert Program, which began in Spring, will continue and be expanded for Fall.
  5. Student Advice Video – Please consider sending a short video for our “advice for students” video. The deadline for submitting your video clips is extended to Monday, September 14.

Details below:

1 –Calendar Reminders and Updates – Classes start on Monday, September 21.  Note, however, that Monday, September 28 was changed to be a non-instructional day in observance of Yom Kippur.  In exchange, December 7 (formally a “student success day”) is the last day of instruction for Fall. Opening day and the Division retreats will occur on Sept 17 and 18. These are contract days for full time faculty, and adjunct faculty are eligible to receive stipends for attendance.

2 – Canvas Week “0” – We are continuing to make it possible for faculty to allow students access to their online courses starting September 14 – if the course is published.  There are no expectations of students or faculty before Sept 21 to be in class or working, but this allows students to start reviewing the site before the quarter starts.

3 – Late Registration – In order to accommodate the challenges of late enrollment in an online world, we will be keeping registration open for the first three days of the quarter.  This means students may still join your class (if it is not already full) through Wednesday, September 23.  We are making every effort to assure that anyone who registers by Wednesday is in Canvas by Thursday morning.

Instructor permission will be required throughout the week to “over enroll” a class or add a student from the waitlist, and will also be accepted on Thursday and Friday. Late enrollment after Week 1 will follow the usual process that requires dean approval.  The hope is that much of the shuffling can happen in the first three days, which will require fewer late registrations after that time.

4 – Early Alert – The early alert program will continue into Fall and has been expanded to include other ways you can flag students who need intervention by an advisor. More details on that will be coming soon.

5- Student Advice Video –See the Academic Affair Blog (post below) or the email from Sept 1 for details.  Note the extended deadline and please consider contributing your advice!

2 thoughts on “Info About the Start of Fall Quarter

  1. As registration for fall 2020 term has proceeded, I have noticed a clear trend in student preference for asynchronous courses in the Social Science division. Synchronous courses that designate specific meeting times have lower enrollments. Some are in jeopardy of being cancelled. I suspect that students not only prefer the flexibility, but also have less difficulty competing with siblings and parents for computer/internet time with everyone working from home. Has any other division noticed this trend?

  2. I noticed a similar pattern within the Earth and Space Sciences program – the synchronous courses were the slowest to fill. It was noticeable for sections being offered in parallel with asynchronous sections; the asynchronous choices filled faster. In our case, our courses are natural science electives taken mostly by non-majors. Have required courses experienced something different? Are there areas where students are asking for synchronous times?

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