BC Governance Election Results

The Bellevue College community has completed its first election for the constituency councils of the new BC Governance system. The Governance Development Team–Jim Craswell, Jason Fuller and Tracy Biga MacLean–and Governance Coordinator Alice Jenkins worked closely with Michèle Royer to achieve a secure and anonymous ballot. We are happy to report that more than 30% of college faculty and staff participated in the voting.

Faculty Council Membership 2016-2017
Exempt Council Membership 2016-2017
Classified Council Membership 2016-2017

Elected members can expect a welcome email. Details about the first two meetings of the constituency councils can be found here.

The next step will be for the constituency councils to appoint the membership of the functional councils, all of which will meet on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 8 (NOTE DATE CHANGE). The first meeting of the College Assembly will take place on Monday, June 13.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a colleague, ran for a council, or voted. We appreciate your participation.

BC Governance Elections go live May 2-4

All BC employees will be emailed an electronic ballot based on their constituency group: classified, exempt, or faculty. Faculty will vote for Faculty Council members based on their academic division, EWD, LMC, or Counseling status. Your voting email will also include a link to the appropriate voter guide.

Members of the Student Councils have already been selected by the Associated Student Government elections that were recently concluded.

Initial meetings of the constituency councils will take place on the following days/times:

  • Faculty Council, Monday, May 9 from 2:45-4pm
  • Exempt Council, Tuesday, May 10 from 2:45-4pm
  • Classified Council, Thursday, May 12 from 2:45-4pm



Culminating Feedback Survey Results and FAQs

Thanks to everyone who completed the recent Culminating Feedback Survey. The Governance Development Team appreciates the positive results and the many comments, questions, and suggestions. The document below shows the level of consensus by employee group as well as responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new system.

Culminating Feedback Survey Results and FAQs