Comments invited on draft eLearning Plan

The eLearning Council has prepared a draft 5-year eLearning Plan and invites comments from the campus community. The plan builds on strong linages with the college’s Strategic Plan, Academic Master Plan, and Student Affairs Plan and seeks to articulate a college-wide eLearning vision based on national and regional trends and consistent with ADA compliance, accreditation standards, state authorization, and academic integrity. Comments can be made directly to this site or sent to

Follow-up Report to the President on Reinventing Governance

Following an initial presentation to President’s Cabinet, President Rule charged the Reinventing Governance Task Force (RGTF) to solicit comments from around the campus and report back. The RGTF organized ten open comment sessions and synthesized the responses. That feedback was included in A Follow-up Report to the President on Reinventing Governance 6-9-15. More information on this process will be announced in the near future.

Question of the Week: Governance or Management?

The Reinventing Governance Task Force has considered the differences between governance–significant decisions that require broad input and consensus–and management–day to day operational decisions that can be made according to established processes.

Based on your experience, what are some current or recent examples of decisions that could be considered governance and what are some current or recent examples of decisions that could be considered management?


Open Comment Sessions Scheduled

Find out more about governance at Bellevue College and contribute to the discussion.

The Reinventing Governance Task Force invites all members of the campus community to attend open comment sessions on the topic of a new governance structure for the college. A new governance structure will affect how decisions are made and how information is shared.

Main Campus
Thursday, May 7, West Boardroom
10-11:30am / 12:30-1:30pm / 2:30-4pm / 4-5pm

North Campus
Wednesday, May 13 / 9:30-11am / Rm 1100

RSVP to or drop in on a space-available basis.

More information can be found at:

Campus Invited to Comment on Governance Report

The coordinated strategic planning processes, conducted during AY 2013-2014, resulted in new strategic, academic master, and student affairs plans. Governance and planning emerged as immediate issues of that work. As a result, President Rule established a Reinventing Governance Task Force (RGTF) and charged its members to examine governance models from other institutions and determine the parameters for a successful system. The RGTF met for a total of seven sessions in January, February, and March.

Following the submission of A Report to the President from the Reinventing Governance Task Force, President Rule asked that the RGTF continue its work by soliciting comment from all campus constitutencies. Please take a look at the report and provide feedback. The How to Participate page provides various ways to comment.



Strategic, Academic, and Student Affairs Working Drafts Now Open for Comment

Bellevue College students, faculty, staff, as well as community members are invited to participate in a review of three major college plans, which have been in development throughout the 2013-14 academic year. The Strategic, Academic, and Student Affairs plans posted on this site are currently in DRAFT form and available for comment May 12-23.

You may provide comments in several ways:

(1)  Post your feedback in the comments box at the end of each plan (see Draft Plans).  These will be visible for others to read.

(2)  Send your comments anonymously by using this survey link.

(3)  Download and print out a pdf version of the plan, write comments and return it to Tracy Biga MacLean (mail stop A202).

(4)  Bring your verbal or written comments to the Open House (May 19 or 20) or facilitated feedback sessions (May 20).

We look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Open Comment Period Begins May 12th

In the Fall quarter we asked for your input on the colleges strategic planning efforts. In the Winter we formed several task forces to synthesize all the data we collected. Now that Spring is here, it is time to bring the plans back to you for feedback.

On Monday May 12th, draft copies of the Strategic, Academic and Student Affairs plans will be posted here on the Designing Our Future website for your review (see Draft Plans). We encourage you to share your feedback, advice, questions, etc. via the site through Friday, May 23.

During the second week of the open comment period, we will also host a two-day Open House on Monday, May 19th and Tuesday, May 20th (from 9am to 6pm) in the West Boardroom (B201). During these two days, members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and the task forces will be available to answer questions and receive feedback. Participants are also encouraged to bring written comments, and provide edits during the Open House. In addition, drafts will remain posted in (and outside of) the West Boardroom throughout the week for comment.

If you would like to provide feedback in a more structured environment, we will also be hosting three facilitated Feedback Sessions on Tuesday, May 20th (1 hr sessions starting at 10:30, 12:30 and 3:30). To sign up for one of these sessions, please contact Tracy Biga MacLean (click her name to send an e-mail request). If demand exists, we will add additional sessions.

Details will be provided to North Campus, ASG, and community partners to highlight some of the additional opportunities for these groups to provide feedback.

Thank you all for your input during the Fall and your patience in giving the task forces time to synthesize that information.  We look forward to your input on what has come from those efforts!

Question of the Week: Classroom of the Future

What are some ways in which you see the “classroom” evolving and/or adapting to changes over the next 10 years?

[Use the speech bubble to the right or the reply link below to respond]

Please feel free to think of this question in terms of the college as a whole, as well as in relationship to your own discipline, expertise, or experience. You might want to comment of changes in student learning styles, how (and where) we teach, class scheduling, technology uses, textbooks, etc.

There is a lot of material on this topic “out there” – here are some articles/reports (mostly from outside Higher Ed) that might generate some ideas:

Feel free to share other good resources in the comments.

Question of the Week: MOOCs

There is a lot of talk (and a range of opinions) in higher ed about the impact of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on traditional education.  In what ways, if at all, might MOOCs impact how we teach at Bellevue College? [Use the speech bubble to the right or the reply link below to respond]

Please feel free to think of this question in terms of the college as a whole, as well as in relationship to your own discipline, expertise, or experience.

There are a lot of “opinions” out there on this topic.  Here are a couple recent articles to get folks thinking. Feel free to share other good resources on this topic in the comments box, too.