Change in how Tabs are handled

We have switched the plugin we use to handle tabs within pages on the Bellevue College website. The plugin we had previously used lacked flexibility, and was no longer being maintained by its developer.

All sites that use this functionality have been transitioned to using a new plugin, which provides better accessibility and functionality.

This plugin also allows users to utilize the full Bootstrap library of functionality through shortcodes. While not all functionality may work optimally, this is a big step towards making advanced layouts much more convenient to work with.

For more information on the new plugin we are using, see the Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress plugin in the WordPress repository. Many thanks to the developers of this plugin for making it available!

Theme Update – Sidebars and more!

We have just released version 2.12 of our BC Mayflower theme, which means new updates and features for all BC official websites.

This time we have focused on:

  • Re-designing sidebars!
    • Sub-menus will now collapse in sidebar navigation menus
    • Everything has a slightly more cohesive look and feel
    • Several sidebar widgets that did not look or function correctly have been fixed (mainly archives and categories when using a dropdown menu)
    • We are transitioning to a different Twitter widget provider- this paves the way
  • Better styling in the Visual editor
  • Behind the scenes fixes
    • Allow settings to be configured on single site wordpress installs
    • Heading tweaks

June 1 Website Basics training

Sign up for Bellevue College Website Training Tuesday, June 1, 2016 from 10:00am – 11:30am in A109.

This is a basic training on the essentials of working with our Content Management System (CMS). It is a great refresher or first time training.

This training is limited to 12 participants, but don’t worry, we will be offering this again soon.

To sign up, please use SkillPort to register for the class. Need help logging in to SkillPort? SkillPort resources are here.


  • Log in to SkillPort
  • Click ‘Instructor Led Training Sessions‘ under ‘Upcoming Events’
  • Click the ‘BC Website Administrator Essentials‘ class
  • Click ‘Enroll‘ next to the June 1 session

Website Theme Updated (Mayflower 2.9)

We have released version 2.9 of the Mayflower theme that powers the front-end of Bellevue College’s websites. This is a small, focused release with the following updates:

  • Prevent top menus from breaking if sub-menu items are added. Previously adding a sub-item on a menu displayed in the menu bar would cause the menu bar to break, and odd-looking links to display. These sub-menu items will no longer display.
  • Better ancestor highlighting in top menu bar. Sometimes if you were on a child page whose parent was in the main top menu, the parent would no longer appear as ‘active’ or ‘selected’.
  • Accessibility and functionality improvements for CampusCE Connection. We are working with Continuing Education to bring them into our content management system; these updates allow for a better connection to the CampusCE system they use for course catalog and registration.

Behind the scenes…

We’ve improved how widgets and widget areas are added to the page, giving us more flexibility on how we can work with these areas programatically. Nothing exciting and user-facing, but will open the door for better functionality and easier maintenance in the future.

Theme Update: New features and fixes!

We have just released version 2.8 of our Mayflower theme, and version 3.6 of our Globals style framework. We’ve been working on this for a while…

New Features

  • Featured slider re-order interface now displays slide title
  • Site managers can now choose to hide ‘date posted’ for posts
  • Site managers can now choose to display the post author on posts (next to the date!)
  • You will now get a warning if you attempt to insert an image without alternative text. You can also choose to mark an image as purely decorative, which will prevent it from being communicated to screen readers.
  • All content pages now publicly display the last updated date (added to comply with website standards)
  • Users can now enable ‘Asides’ (single page sidebar) for posts and pages. This is done through a plugin.

Visual Improvements

  • We have re-arranged and improved how options are laid out in the Customizer. Homepage options also now only display if you are looking at the site homepage.
  • Images and image galleries now function much smoother, and are presented consistently. Image galleries in particular now resize better for mobile devices.
  • Pagination is now more robust and visually cohesive

Bug Fixes and Behind the Scenes improvements

  • Featured Slider image no longer overlaps title in dashboard
  • Homepages now have (hidden) Heading 1 for accessibility
  • Added new functionality to support bringing the Continuing Education website in to the Bellevue College theme (improved search support, templates, and integration with CampusCE)

WordPress updated to 4.4!

A new version of WordPress has landed! We have updated the main Bellevue College website to WordPress 4.4.2, the latest version.

Normally update our environment 1-2 months after a new version is released to the public, so that we can fully test things, and make sure that our website stays happy and healthy. Don’t worry though, all security updates go in place immediately!

Want to learn more about WordPress 4.4, and the new features it offers? Check out the announcement article!

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”