Happy Holidays

Our partner has provided us with a design document that defines “what” and “how” the Dynamics CRM solution will look, feel and function. It is intended to specify how needs are to be met.

Our four pilot units have identified views within the current iteration of CRM (see the list below) that they’ve identified as unnecessary. Some have also expressed interest in adding a couple columns to the default/grid view that would be useful for their staff.

-Full name (Last, First MI)
-SID (950******)
-Day phone
-Evening phone
-Admission number (unique to each student)
-Actually started (quarter, year)
-Citizenship status
-Educational program (transfer, nursing, etc.)
-High school
-Plan to start (quarter, year)
-Resident status
-Student intent (transfer, etc.)

As an aside, we’ve determined from the majority of units that keeping records over 5-7 years old isn’t very practical. This is an iterative process, and we anticipate having a simple, easy-to-navigate interface from the start, then adding/moving attributes as the need arises.

More soon!  Have great holidays and we’ll see you in the new year.

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